Surface runoff from arable land - a homogenized data base of 726 rainfall simulation experiments

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Title:Main Title: Surface runoff from arable land - a homogenized data base of 726 rainfall simulation experiments
Description:Abstract: A data base of rainfall simulations was compiled comprising the experimental work of Martin (1988), Haider (1994), Gerlinger (1997), Schröder and Auerswald (2000) and Michael (2001). The data base covers 726 rainfall simulations (24384 runoff measurements) which were carried out on 209 arable plots in Germany under a wide range of different conditions. The data base is freely available and may be used as an extensive source to examine specific questions. Fiener et al. (submitted) provide detailed information on the origin of the individual data sets, their compilation, the range of the data base and on the quality of the included data. The added supplement provides meta data on the structure of the relational data base, on its identifiers SEQ, RUN and SOIL, on the coding of missing and flagged data as well as a brief introduction of the available files and variables.
Identifier:10.1594/GFZ.TR32.2 (DOI)
Responsible Party
Creators:Simon Seibert (Author), Karl Auerswald (Author), Peter Fiener (Author), Markus Disse (Author), Walter Martin (Author), Josef Haider (Author), Anne Michael (Author), Kai Gerlinger (Author)
Contributor:TU Munich (Remote Sensing Technology) (Producer)
Publisher:CRC/TR32 Database (TR32DB)
Publication Year:2011
Subject:Keyword: Hydrology
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Issued: 10.05.2011
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