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AA1 Pore structure, moisture, and water transport in soil by NMR
A2 Characterization of flow and transport properties of unsaturated soils using non-invasive methods and numerical modelling at the µm to dm scale
A3 Inverse modelling of soil hydraulic property patterns from non-invasive electrical measurements
A4 Multiphase flow simulations coupled to NMR and SIP signatures in reconstructed natural porous media using Lattice Boltzmann methods
BB1 Characterizing spatio-temporal patterns of water and C-fluxes at field-scale
B3 Spatial and temporal patterns of soil carbon pools - a MIR-spectroscopic approach
B4 Upscaling of local C02, water and heat fluxes to the field scale from observed spatio-temporal patterns using an integrative 3-D mechanistic process model
B5 Modelling the spatio-temporal variability of crop and cropping system processes under heterogeneous field conditions
B6 Soil moisture content estimation by inverting surface and horizontal borehole GPR data
B7 Soil structure and mass transfer with NMR: From pore-scale patterns to meter-scale hydraulics
B8 Characterizing water transport properties of partially saturated soils by joint inversion of NMR and IP measurements
B9 Identification and Simulation of Subsurface Soil Patterns from Geophysical Measurements
CC1 Spatio-temporal variability of catchment properties and their effect on water, solute, and CO2 fluxes from the micro to the mesoscale
C3 Analysis of temporal and spatial structures of soil moisture by integrating remote sensing and process based modelling
C4 Scale–consistent two-way coupling of land-surface and atmospheric models
C6 Process-based modelling of regional water and energy fluxes taking into account multi-sensor and multi-scale observation patterns
C7 Sparse pattern representation with application to pattern parameterization in atmosphere and land surface coupled systems
DD1 Modelling of time-space patterns of energy and mass fluxes over heterogeneous land surfaces with special consideration of CO2 and H2O
D2 Experimental study of spatio-temporal structures in atmosphere-land surface energy, water and CO2 exchange
D3 CO2 and water flux estimation by four-dimensional variational assimilation of in situ and remote sensing data
D5 A high-resolution multi-scale space-time precipitation model from direct measurements and remote sensing
D6 Large-Eddy Simulation of Atmosphere and Land Interactions over Heterogeneous Surfaces
D7 Influence of subsurface hydrodynamics on the lower atmosphere at the catchment scale
D8 High resolution parallel simulation of variably saturated flow with adaptive mesh refinement
TT1 MRI pulse sequences with ultra-short detection for imaging of transport in soils
ZZ1 Project Database and Data Management
Z2 SFB/TR32 Central Services, Administration and Coordination
Z3 Measurement Support and Data Processing
Z4 Model Development and Maintenance Services MGK
Z5 Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG)