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[1884] - Post processed fluxes (2018) of the permanent EC station MEEC001 in Merzenhausen
Data - view metadataKeyword(s): 2m-Temperature, Agriculture, Atmosphere–Land Interaction, Atmospheric Measurement, Canopy Photosynthesis, Canopy Gas-Exchange, Carbon, Climate Station, CO2, CO2 Flux, Crop/s, Eddy Covariance, Field [...]Data - view metadata
Creator(s): M. Schmidt K. Schneider no additional description
Metadata Date: 2019-11-08 11:54:31     Data Type: Data     TR32 Topic: Atmosphereno download possible

[1883] - A comprehensive dataset of vegetation states, fluxes of matter and energy, weather, agricultural management, and soil properties from intensively monitored crop sites in Western Germany
Data - view metadataKeyword(s): Atmosphere, Vegetation, Soil, Agriculture, Biomass, Root, Leaf, APES, APES, APES, APES, LAI, Eddy Covariance, Surface Fluxes, CO2 Flux, Evapotranspiration, Latent Heat Flux, NEE, Sensible Heat Flux, [...]Data - view metadata
Creator(s): T. G. Reichenau W. Korres M. Schmidt A. Graf G. Welp N. Meyer A. Stadler C. Brogi K. Schneider no additional description
Metadata Date: 2020-06-23 08:34:07     Data Type: Data     TR32 Topic: VegetationData - download dataset

[1882] - Parameter sensitivity analysis of a root system architecture model based on virtual field sampling
Publication - view metadataKeyword(s): Root System, Root Length DensityPublication - view metadata
Creator(s): S. Morandage A. Schnepf J. Vanderborght H. Vereecken M. Javaux no additional description
Metadata Date: 2019-06-12 10:38:01     Data Type: Publication     TR32 Topic: VegetationPublication - download dataset

[1881] - Quantification of Root Length Density at the Field Scale with Electrical Impedance Tomography: A Numerical Feasibility Study based on Laboratory and Field Data
Presentation - view metadataKeyword(s): EIT, Geophysics, Field Scale, Soil-Plant InteractionPresentation - view metadata
Creator(s): S. van Treeck A. Kemna J. Budler M. Weigand J. A. Huisman no additional description
Metadata Date: 2019-04-26 14:11:39     Data Type: Presentation     TR32 Topic: Soilno download possible

[1880] - Land use classification of 2018 for the Rur catchment
Data - view metadataKeyword(s): Land Use, Agriculture, ATKIS, Remote Sensing, Crop/sData - view metadata
Creator(s): U. Lussem M. Herbrecht Data - view additional description
Metadata Date: 2020-01-17 11:29:07     Data Type: Data     TR32 Topic: Land UseData - download dataset
1 2 3 ... 339 340