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[614] - Evaluation of reanalysis hydrometeors using microwave radiances
Report - view metadataKeyword(s): PhD ReportReport - view metadata
Creator(s): S. Redl no additional description
Metadata Date: 2020-09-21 12:58:50     Data Type: Report     TR32 Topic: Atmosphereno download possible

[1827] - Measuring Soil Water Content with Ground Penetrating Radar: A Decade of Progress
Publication - view metadataKeyword(s): Geophysics, Geophysical Survey, GPR, Multisensor, soil Heterogeneity, Vadose Zone, Soil Moisture, NDVI, Observational Data, Inverse Modelling, High ResolutionPublication - view metadata
Creator(s): A. Klotzsche F. Jonard M. C. . Looms J. van der Kruk J. A. Huisman no additional description
Metadata Date: 2018-09-27 13:24:49     Data Type: Publication     TR32 Topic: Soilno download possible

[1825] - Effect of sieving and storage on soil respiration and Q10
Data - view metadataKeyword(s): Soil RespirationData - view metadata
Creator(s): N. Meyer no additional description
Metadata Date: 2018-09-19 14:24:13     Data Type: Data     TR32 Topic: Soilno download possible

[1822] - Connection between root zone soil moisture and surface energy flux partitioning using modeling, observations and data assimilation for a temperate grassland site in Germany
Publication - view metadataKeyword(s): ModellingPublication - view metadata
Creator(s): P. Shrestha W. Kurtz G. Vogel J. P. Schulz M. Sulis H. Hendricks-Franssen S. Kollet C. Simmer no additional description
Metadata Date: 2018-09-07 14:55:06     Data Type: Publication     TR32 Topic: VegetationPublication - download dataset

[1707] - Fourth semi-annual report for IRTG D5: A high-resolution multi-scale space-time precipitation model from direct measurements and remote sensing
Report - view metadataKeyword(s): Precipitation, Geostatistics, Inverse Modelling, PhD Report, Remote Sensing, COSMOReport - view metadata
Creator(s): K. Schinagl no additional description
Metadata Date: 2017-09-29 16:20:57     Data Type: Report     TR32 Topic: Remote Sensingno download possible
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