All TR32DB instrument parameters

Above Ground Plant Weight
Absolute Height
Absolute Humidity
Absorbed Photosynthetic Active Radiation
Aerosoles Concentration
Air Pressure
Air Temperature
Apparent electrical conductivity
Apparent electrical resistivity
Apparent Leaf Temperature
At-sensor radiance
Backscatter Coefficient
Brightness Temperature
Carbon Concentration
Carbon Dioxide Concentration
Carbon Monoxide Concentration
Chlorophyll content
Chlorophyll values from pigment Analyses
Cloud Cover
Cloud cover opaque clouds
Cloud cover thin clouds
CO2 Efflux
CO2 flux
CO2 mole fraction
Complex Electrical Conductivity
Cross wind
Dark Respiration
Dendrometer Radius
Diagnostic information of the instrument
Diganostic word
Dissipation rate
Dry Weight
Drying Temperature
Effective Quantum Yield
Emitted Thermal Radiation
Epithermal Neutron Count
Fluorescence Emission Spectrum
Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetic Active Radiation
Fresh Weight
Fruit Weight
Global Radiation
Green Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
Green/Brown Leaves
Green/Brown Stems
Groundwater depth
Growth Height
H2O flux
H2O mole fraction
Incoming Thermal Radiation
Integrated water vapour
Leaf Area
Leaf Area Index
Leaf Area Index, Green/Brown
Leaf Mass Area
Leaf Temperature
Light Compensation Point
Light Use Efficiency
Liquid water path
Maximum Carboxylation Rate
Maximum Electron Transport Rate At Saturating Light Intensity
Maximum Photosynthetic Carbon Dioxide Uptake Rate At Saturating Light Intensity
Maximum Stomatal Conductance/resistance At Saturating Light Intensity
Maximum Transpiration Rate At Saturating Light Intensity
Melting layer height
Minimum Leaf Conductance
Mixing Layer Height
Monin Obukhov Length
Net Radiation
Nitrogen Concentration
NO concentration
NO2 concentration
Non-Photochemical Quenching At High Light Intensity
Normalized Difference Vegetation Index
NOx concentration
O3 concentration
Outside Temperature
parameter unknown
Photochemical Reflectance Index
Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR)
Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD)
Potential Quantum Yield
Potential Temperature
Precipitation Amount
Precipitation Rate
Quantum Efficiency At Apparent Leaf Temperature
Radar Moments
Radar reflectivity
Radiation (SW+LW) downwelling
Radiation (SW+LW) upwelling
Radiation at Aircraft
Radiation incoming
Rain drop fall speed
Rain rate
Ratio of Fresh to Dry Weight
Redox Potential
Reflected Radiation
Reflected Solar Radiation
Relative Humidity
Root Weight
Sap Flow
Sensible Heat Flux
Shear stress
Simple Ratio
Skewness of vertical velocity
Slope of Conductance-to-Photosynthesis Relationship
Soil Heat Flux
Soil Hydraulic Properties
Soil Temperature
Soil Water Content
Sonic Speed
Sonic Temperature
Standarddeviation of Vertical Velocity
Steady State Fluorescence At High Light Intensity
Sun -induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence derived after the Maier Method
Sun -induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence derived from Improved Frauenhofer Line Detection
Sun visible
Sunshine duration
Surface Temperature
Total Plant Weight
Transformed Chlorophyll Absorption Reflectance Index
Vapor Pressure
Vertical and Horizontal Wind-Turbulence Components
Vertical Wind Speed
Volumetric Water Content
Water Index
Water Vapor
Water Weight
Wet Weight
Wet-Bulb Temperature
Wind Direction
Wind Max
Wind Speed
Wind vector (3D)