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Matthias Langensiepen (Full Member of TR32)

University of Bonn
Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation (INRES)
Nußallee 13
53115 Bonn


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[1861] - A dataset of crop growth, gas fluxes measurement from leaf to canopy as well as weather and agronomic management information from the rhizotrone facility in Selhausen from 2015-2017
Data - view metadataKeyword(s): Atmosphere, Vegetation, Soil, Agriculture, Biomass, Root, Leaf, Stem, Fruit, Phenology, Canopy, Photosynthesis, LAI, CO2 Flux, Evapotranspiration, Nitrogen, Carbon, Precipitation, Radiation, [...]Data - view metadata
Creator(s): H. T. Nguyen M. Langensiepen F. Ewert no additional description
Metadata Creator: T. H. Nguyen     Metadata Date: 2020-03-02 12:51:18     TR32 Topic: Vegetationno download possible

[1798] - Root growth, water uptake, and sap flow of winter wheat in response to different soil water conditions
Publication - view metadataKeyword(s): Root, Sap Flow, Winter Wheat, RWU, Soil TexturePublication - view metadata
Creator(s): G. Cai J. Vanderborght M. Langensiepen A. Schnepf H. Vereecken no additional description
Metadata Creator: M. Zörner     Metadata Date: 2018-06-19 10:31:01     TR32 Topic: Soilno download possible

[1471] - Field observations of green LAI in the Rur catchment (Germany) for winter wheat, sugar beet, and maize, 2008 - 2012
Data - view metadataKeyword(s): Agriculture, Crop/s, LAI, Winter Wheat, Sugar Beet, MaizeData - view metadata
Creator(s): T. G. Reichenau A. Stadler W. Korres M. Langensiepen F. Ewert K. Schneider no additional description
Metadata Creator: T. G. Reichenau     Metadata Date: 2016-06-03 09:45:42     TR32 Topic: VegetationData - download dataset

[1314] - Monitoring and Modeling the Terrestrial System from Pores to Catchments – the Transregional Collaborative Research Center on Patterns in the Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere System
Publication - view metadataKeyword(s): Collaborative Research CentrePublication - view metadata
Creator(s): C. Simmer M. Masbou I. Thiele-Eich W. Amelung S. Crewell B. Diekkrüger F. Ewert H. Hendricks-Franssen J. A. Huisman A. Kemna N. Klitzsch S. Kollet M. Langensiepen U. Löhnert A. M. Rahman U. Rascher K. Schneider J. Schween Y. Shao P. Shrestha M. Stiebler M. Sulis J. Vanderborght H. Vereecken J. van der Kruk G. Waldhoff T. Zerenner no additional description
Metadata Creator: C. Simmer     Metadata Date: 2016-04-25 10:09:29     TR32 Topic: Otherno download possible

[1226] - Towards improved process presentation for modelling CO2 and H2O fluxes of crops_Model concept
Presentation - view metadataKeyword(s): Canopy Gas-Exchange, Agriculture, Crop/s, Soil-Plant Interaction, ModellingPresentation - view metadata
Creator(s): H. T. Nguyen F. Ewert M. Langensiepen no additional description
Metadata Creator: T. H. Nguyen     Metadata Date: 2016-01-26 18:01:50     TR32 Topic: Vegetationno download possible
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