[29] - Multi-Daten Ansatz für verbesserte Landnutzungsanalyasen - Fallstudie Rur-Einzugsgebiet

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Waldhoff, G., Curdt, C., Hoffmeister, D., Bareth, G., 2009. Multi-Daten Ansatz für verbesserte Landnutzungsanalyasen - Fallstudie Rur-Einzugsgebiet. In: Bill, R., Korduan, P., Theuvsen, L. and Morgenstern, M. (Eds.): Anforderungen an die Agrarinformatik durch Globalisierung und Klimaveränderung.. Proc. of GIL 2009, March 09 - 10, 2009, Rostock, Germany, 37 - 40.
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Title(s):Main Title: Multi-Daten Ansatz für verbesserte Landnutzungsanalyasen - Fallstudie Rur-Einzugsgebiet
Description(s):Abstract: For numerous spatial applications, land use data are of central importance and have to be available in a spatial data infrastructure for regional modeling, according to the international data standards. This also counts for the research project TR32 which focusses on SVA modelling in a regional context. Especially for (agro-)ecosystem modeling the information content of the available official land use data is rather poor. For this purpose disaggregated land use data, which provide information about the major crops and crop rotations as well as management data are needed. The analysis of multispectral, hyperspectral and/or radar remote sensing data is a standard method to retrieve such kind of information. By using the Multi-Data Approach (MDA) for the study area Rur catchment, the retrieved information from remote sensing analysis is integrated into official land use data by GIS technologies to enhance both the information level of existing land use data and the quality of the land use classification.
Responsible Party
Creator(s):Author: Guido Waldhoff
Author: Constanze Curdt
Author: Dirk Hoffmeister
Author: Georg Bareth
Publisher:Lecture Notes in Informatics, Gesellschaft für Informatik
TR32 Topic:Land Use
Subject(s):CRC/TR32 Keywords: Remote Sensing, ASTER, GIS, Land Cover
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File Name:GIL2009_Waldhoff_et_al.pdf
Data Type:Text
Date(s):Created: 2009-03-09
Mime Type:application/pdf
Data Format:PDF
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Licence:TR32DB Data policy agreement
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Specific Informations - Publication
Type:Event Paper
Proceedings Title:Anforderungen an die Agrarinformatik durch Globalisierung und Klimaveränderung.
Proceedings Editor:Bill, R., Korduan, P., Theuvsen, L. and Morgenstern, M.
Proceedings Url:http://subs.emis.de/LNI/Proceedings/Proceedings142/article4608.html
Number Of Pages:4
Page Range:37 - 40
Event Name:GIL 2009
Event Type:Conference
Event Location:Rostock, Germany
Event Period:9th of March, 2009 - 10th of March, 2009
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Metadata Creator:Guido Waldhoff
Metadata Created:2009-03-24
Metadata Last Updated:2009-03-24
Funding Phase:1
Metadata Language:English
Metadata Version:V30
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