CORINE Land Cover (CLC) 2006, Version 17

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Title:Main Title: CORINE Land Cover (CLC) 2006, Version 17
Description:Abstract: The pan-European project CORINE Land Cover (CLC) is part of the EU-program Coordinate Information on the Environment (CORINE) and provides consistent and comparable data on land cover and land use on a scale of 1:100.000 based on remote sensing data. During the implementation period 1985-1990 an information system on the state of the European environment was established, nomenclatures and methodologies were developed and agreed at European level. 1990 is the reference-year for the first data acquisition (CLC1990). The CLC data inventory was first updated to the reference-year 2000 (CLC2000). A second update was finalised in 2010 to the reference-year 2006 (CLC2006) with 39 participating countries. Both updates also provide layers of change-analysis. The CLC inventories are key reference data sets which provide the basis for a wide variety of environmental analysis and integrated environmental assessment at European and national levels. The CLC data-products are provided by the European Environment Agency (EEA) in raster (100x100m, 250x250m) and seamless vector format (reference-system ETRS89 / ETRS-LAEA). The CLC2006 vector data were merged to one dataset and clipped to the study-area´s extent, both Rur-Catchment and extent of the DWD-Radar coverage area (ESRI-Shapefile). The CLC2006 raster data, both 250m and 100m spatial resolution, were clipped to the abovementioned extents and projected to WGS84 (GeoTIFF). For more information on the latest version please refer to the report by Büttner, Kosztra, Maucha & Pataki 2012: Implementation and achievements of CLC2006
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Citation Advice:European Environment Agency, 2013. Corine Land Cover 2006 seamless vector data (Version 17), Kopenhagen, Denmark.
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Creator:European Environment Agency (Owner)
Contributor:Guido Waldhoff (Contact Person)
Publisher:CRC/TR32 Database (TR32DB)
Publication Year:2013
TR32 Topic:Land Use
Related Subproject:Z1
Subjects:Keywords: Land Use, Land Cover
GEMET Thesaurus entries: remote sensing, raster
Geogr. Information Topic:Environment
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Temporal Extent:01.01.2006, 16:09:00 - 31.12.2009, 16:09:00
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Spatial Representation:Grid
Presentation Form:Digital Model
Reference System:WGS 84 (4326)
Initiative Type:Collection
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