[1148] - Mixing layer height retrieval with ceilometer and Doppler lidar: from case studies to long-term assessment.

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Schween, J., Hirsikko, A., Löhnert, U., Crewell, S., 2014. Mixing layer height retrieval with ceilometer and Doppler lidar: from case studies to long-term assessment.. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 7, 3685 - 3704. DOI: 10.5194/amtd-7-4275-2014.
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Title(s):Main Title: Mixing layer height retrieval with ceilometer and Doppler lidar: from case studies to long-term assessment.
Description(s):Abstract: Aerosol signatures observed by ceilometers are frequently used to derive mixing layer height (MLH) which is an essential variable for air quality modeling. Doppler wind lidar measurements of vertical velocity can provide a more direct estimation of MLH via 5 simple thresholding. A case study reveals difficulties in the aerosol based MLH retrieval during transition times when the mixing layer is built up in the morning and when turbulence decays in the afternoon. The differences can be explained by the fact that the aerosol distribution is related to the history of the mixing process and aerosol characteristics are modified by humidification. The results of the case study are generalized 10 by evaluating one year of joint measurements by a Vaisala CT25K and a HALO Photonics Streamline wind lidar. On average the aerosol based retrieval gives higher MLH than the wind lidar with an overestimation of MLH by about 300m (600 m) in the morning (late afternoon). When turbulence is fully developed around noon best agreement is found between both methods. This diurnal behavior is even more pronounced in fair 15 weather conditions classified by less than 4 octa. In these conditions the mean diurnal cycle of cloud base height corresponds well to the mixing layer height showing potential for a simplified MLH estimation.
Identifier(s):DOI: 10.5194/amtd-7-4275-2014
Citation Advice:Schween, J. H., A. Hirsikko, U. Löhnert, and S. Crewell, 2014.: Mixing layer height retrieval with ceilometer and Doppler lidar: from case studies to long-term assessment, Atmos. Meas. Tech., 7, 3685-3704, doi:10.5194/amtd-7-4275-2014
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Creator(s):Author: Jan Schween
Author: Anne Hirsikko
Author: Ulrich Löhnert
Author: Susanne Crewell
Publisher:European Geophysical Union (EGU) Copernicus
TR32 Topic:Atmosphere
Subject(s):CRC/TR32 Keywords: Mixing Layer, Turbulence, Boundary Layer, Ceilometer, Doppler Lidar
Topic Category:ClimatologyMeteorologyAtmosphere
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Licence:Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
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Article Type:Electronic
Source:Atmospheric Measurement Techniques
Number Of Pages:20
Page Range:3685 - 3704
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