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[1653] - Wideband impedance spectroscopy from 1 mHz to 10 MHz by combination of four- and two-electrode methods
Publication - view metadataKeyword(s): SIP, SpectroscopyPublication - view metadata
Creator(s): J. Volkmann N. Klitzsch no additional description
Metadata Date: 2019-01-31 16:00:53     Data Type: Publication     TR32 Topic: Otherno download possible

[1657] - Combining Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Photochemical Reflectance Index Improves Diurnal Modeling of Gross Primary Productivity
Publication - view metadataKeyword(s): Spectroscopy, Chlorophyll Fluorescence, GPP, Vegetation, PhotosynthesisPublication - view metadata
Creator(s): A. Schickling M. Matveeva A. Damm J. Schween A. Wahner A. Graf S. Crewell U. Rascher no additional description
Metadata Date: 2017-05-26 12:01:51     Data Type: Publication     TR32 Topic: VegetationPublication - download dataset

[634] - Mobile NMR for geophysical analysis and materials testing
Publication - view metadataKeyword(s): NMR, Relaxion, Imaging, SpectroscopyPublication - view metadata
Creator(s): B. Blümich J. Mauler A. Haber J. Perlo E. Danieli F. Casanova no additional description
Metadata Date: 2016-05-11 10:09:52     Data Type: Publication     TR32 Topic: Soilno download possible

[647] - A high-accuracy impedance spectrometer for measuring sediments with low polarizability
Publication - view metadataKeyword(s): SIP, Spectroscopy, Impedance Spectrometer, Sediment, SoilPublication - view metadata
Creator(s): E. Zimmermann A. Kemna J. Berwix W. Glaas H. M. Münch J. A. Huisman no additional description
Metadata Date: 2013-12-02 12:01:58     Data Type: Publication     TR32 Topic: Soilno download possible