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[632] - Proceedings on the Workshop of Remote Sensing Methods for Change Detection and Process Modelling, 18-19.11.2010, University of Cologne, Germany
Publication - view metadataKeyword(s): Remote Sensing, Remote Sensing Methods, Change Detection, Data Assimilation, UAV, Agriculture, Soil, Water, AtmospherePublication - view metadata
Creator(s): V. Lenz-Wiedemann G. Bareth no additional description
Metadata Date: 2017-01-12 18:23:25     Data Type: Publication     TR32 Topic: Remote Sensingno download possible

[1202] - Best Kappa Classification Python Script
Data - view metadataKeyword(s): Remote Sensing Methods, Remote Sensing, GIS, Land Use, Land Cover, Land Cover Mapping, ClassificationData - view metadata
Creator(s): C. Hütt no additional description
Metadata Date: 2015-11-13 12:31:07     Data Type: Data     TR32 Topic: Land UseData - download dataset

[865] - UAV-based Imaging for Multi-Temporal, very high Resolution Crop Surface Models to monitor Crop Growth Variability
Publication - view metadataKeyword(s): UAV, Vegetation, Plant Growth, Remote Sensing, Agriculture, Remote Sensing Methods, Winter Barley, Canopy, Classification, GISPublication - view metadata
Creator(s): J. Bendig A. Bolten G. Bareth no additional description
Metadata Date: 2014-05-14 10:08:04     Data Type: Publication     TR32 Topic: Remote SensingPublication - download dataset

[507] - Preface
Publication - view metadataKeyword(s): Remote Sensing MethodsPublication - view metadata
Creator(s): V. Lenz-Wiedemann G. Bareth no additional description
Metadata Date: 2013-08-06 19:44:29     Data Type: Publication     TR32 Topic: OtherPublication - download dataset