[628] - Investigation of the influence of atmospheric forcing on soil moisture simulation

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Rahman, A. M., 2011. Investigation of the influence of atmospheric forcing on soil moisture simulation. PhD Report, Meteorological Institute, University Bonn, Bonn, Germany. Accessed from http://www.tr32db.uni-koeln.de/data.php?dataID=628 at 2019-04-24.
Title(s):Main Title: Investigation of the influence of atmospheric forcing on soil moisture simulation
Description(s):Abstract: Surface soil moisture at a catchment scale is simulated for two different conditions. First a variably saturated hydrological model (ParFlow) is used and no atmospheric forcing is considered. Next a coupled model is used to simulate surface saturation. This coupled model consists of a hydrological model (ParFlow) and a land surface model (CLM). This coupled model was used to simulate the soil moisture for the same catchment considering atmospheric forcing inputs. The influence of atmospheric forcing on the prediction of surface saturation is investigated by the applying of statistical and Geostatistical methods. From the results it was found out that atmospheric forcing is an important input to be considered while simulating the soil moisture.
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Creator(s):Author: A.S.M. Mostaquimura Rahman
Publisher:CRC/TR32 Database (TR32DB)
TR32 Topic:Atmosphere
Subject(s):CRC/TR32 Keywords: PhD Report
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Measurement Region:NorthRhine-Westphalia
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Report Date:1st of October, 2011
Report Type:PhD Report
Report City:Bonn, Germany
Report Institution:Meteorological Institute, University Bonn
Number Of Pages:8
Period of Pages:1 - 8
Further Informations:TR32 Student Report Phase II
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