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[594] - Inclusion of CO2 fluxes in a coupled mesoscale land surface and atmospheric model

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Übel, M., 2012. Inclusion of CO2 fluxes in a coupled mesoscale land surface and atmospheric model. PhD Report, Meteorological Institute, University Bonn, Bonn, Germany. Accessed from at 2018-05-25.
Title(s):Main Title: Inclusion of CO2 fluxes in a coupled mesoscale land surface and atmospheric model
Description(s):Abstract: An essential part of numerical weather prediction models is the accurate simulation of the interaction of the land surface with the lower atmosphere. Thus, a detailed knowledge of the land surface characteristics is an inevitable precondition for a successful numerical weather forecast. For that reason, in our project section (C4) a fully coupled atmospheric model system that comprehensively simulates the exchange processes between the soil, the vegetation and the atmosphere in terms of water, carbon dioxide (CO2), heat and momentum fluxes will be developed. Field measurements on the regional scale (see e.g. Dolman et al. (2006)) indicate distinct spatio-temporal heterogeneities of atmospheric CO2 concentrations. This variable atmospheric CO2 partial pressure induces a direct response of the stomatal resistance of the plants resulting in a modified plant transpiration. This effect influences the moisture and heat fluxes at the land surface which in turn may have an impact on the time evolution of the atmospheric planetary boundary layer (PBL). Since the evapotranspiration of plants is strongly controlled by the atmospheric humidity and CO2 concentration, for a consistent modeling of latent and sensible heat fluxes at the land surface a detailed treatment of the exchange of CO2 between the canopy and the PBL is of particular importance. To account for these effects, as a first step we implemented CO2 in the atmospheric model COSMO as a passive tracer so that the spatial and temporal variations of the atmospheric CO2 concentration as caused by advective, turbulent and convective processes can now be simulated with reasonable accuracy. In the offline version of the land surface model CLM photosynthesis and plant transpiration are calculated by utilizing a constant value of the atmospheric CO2 partial pressure. In contrast to this treatment, the coupled model system COSMO – CLM considers the varying atmospheric CO2 concentration for the computation of the stomatal resistance and, thus, for the simulation of the heat and moisture fluxes at the land surface.
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Report Date:31st of October, 2012
Report Type:PhD Report
Report City:Bonn, Germany
Report Institution:Meteorological Institute, University Bonn
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