Coupling Groundwater, Vegetation, and Atmospheric Processes: A Comparison of Two Integrated Models

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Title:Main Title: Coupling Groundwater, Vegetation, and Atmospheric Processes: A Comparison of Two Integrated Models
Description:Abstract: This study compares two modeling platforms, ParFlow.WRF (PF.WRF) and the Terrestrial Systems Modeling Platform (TerrSysMP), with a common 3D integrated surface–groundwater model to examine the variability in simulated soil–vegetation–atmosphere interactions. Idealized and hindcast simulations over the North Rhine–Westphalia region in western Germany for clear-sky conditions and strong convective pre- cipitation using both modeling platforms are presented. Idealized simulations highlight the strong variability introduced by the difference in land surface parameterizations (e.g., ground evaporation and canopy tran- spiration) and atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) schemes on the simulated land–atmosphere interactions. Results of the idealized simulations also suggest a different range of sensitivity in the two models of land surface and atmospheric parameterizations to water-table depth fluctuations. For hindcast simulations, both modeling platforms simulate net radiation and cumulative precipitation close to observed station data, while larger differences emerge between spatial patterns of soil moisture and convective rainfall due to the dif- ference in the physical parameterization of the land surface and atmospheric component. This produces a different feedback by the hydrological model in the two platforms in terms of discharge over different catchments in the study area. Finally, an analysis of land surface and ABL heat and moisture budgets using the mixing diagram approach reveals different sensitivities of diurnal atmospheric processes to the groundwater parameterizations in both modeling platforms.
Identifier:10.1175/JHM-D-16-0159.1 (DOI)
Citation Advice:Sulis, M., Williams, J. L., Shrestha, P., Diederich, M., Simmer, C., Kollet, S. J., & Maxwell, R. M. (2017). Coupling Groundwater, Vegetation, and Atmospheric Processes: A Comparison of Two Integrated Models. Journal of Hydrometeorology, 18(5), 1489-1511.
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Creators:Mauro Sulis (Author), John L. Williams (Author), Prabhakar Shrestha (Author), Malte Diederich (Author), Clemens Simmer (Author), Stefan Kollet (Author), Reed M. Maxwell (Author)
Publication Year:2018
TR32 Topic:Topography
Related Subproject:Z4
Subject:Keyword: Modelling
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