[1677] - Field-scale net ecosystem exchange and feedback of subsurface heterogeneous structures with the atmosphere

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Pohlig, P., 2016. Field-scale net ecosystem exchange and feedback of subsurface heterogeneous structures with the atmosphere. PhD Report, Forschungszentrum Jülich, IBG-3, Jülich. Accessed from http://www.tr32db.uni-koeln.de/data.php?dataID=1677 at 2019-04-25.
Title(s):Main Title: Field-scale net ecosystem exchange and feedback of subsurface heterogeneous structures with the atmosphere
Subtitle: PhD Report 2
Description(s):Abstract: The current report is an update of the current working status within project B1. We performed and analysed several spatial measurements such as electromagnetic induction and electronic resistivity tomography to investigate within-field subsurface heterogeneity. Kriging procedures were applied for the interpolation and mapping of the geophysical data. On the basis of the data, two contrasting points (Intensive Monitoring Points – IMP) in terms of their subsurface composition were defined for the upcoming measurement campaign starting in April 2016. In sum, correlations between texture and EMI were weak because the textural differences are not very distinct, especially in the topsoil (0-30cm). In contrast, correlations between EMI and stone content seem to be stronger so that an additional campaign is going to include stone content analyses at some locations on the field. In addition, the soil water retention curves at the two IMPs also showed some differences. Because the Mualem-van Genuchten parameters have to be known for setting-up the soil hydraulic model, which again is a prerequisite for the AgroC model, measurements and analyses of these parameters will follow.
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Creator(s):Author: Philipp Pohlig
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TR32 Topic:Soil
Related Sub-project(s):B1
Subject(s):CRC/TR32 Keywords: Soil Texture, Stoniness, EMI, External Drift Kriging, soil Hydraulic Properties, PhD Report
Topic Category:Environment
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Measurement Region:Ellebach
Measurement Location:Selhausen
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Report Date:26th of April, 2016
Report Type:PhD Report
Report City:Jülich
Report Institution:Forschungszentrum Jülich, IBG-3
Number Of Pages:18
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