[1597] - Modelling water exchange at the land-atmosphere-interface with special consideration of root water uptake

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Zörner, M., 2016. Modelling water exchange at the land-atmosphere-interface with special consideration of root water uptake. PhD Report, Forschungszentrum Jülich IBG-3, Jülich. Accessed from http://www.tr32db.uni-koeln.de/data.php?dataID=1597 at 2018-07-21.
Title(s):Main Title: Modelling water exchange at the land-atmosphere-interface with special consideration of root water uptake
Subtitle: PhD report 1
Description(s):Abstract: Roots are crucial for the water transport into plants, the local hydrological cycle within the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum, and the global water circulation. On small scale they induce the osmotic water uptake via the epidermis with further distribution inside the root in the direction of the above ground plant materials by apoplastic or symplastic transport, respectively. The larger scale effect is the functioning of plant transpiration through the transpiration pull, which is driven by the foliar water loss induced by open stomata for gas exchange during photosynthesis; this pressure gradient (the water potential difference between soil and leaves) is the driving force of root water uptake (RWU), which fulfils the plant demand in water and nutrients. Roots have an evident effect on global scale water circulation, since the plant transpiration as part of the evapotranspiration (with evaporation from soil and intercepted water) is a crucial element within that. Hence, it can be of importance to consider roots and root water uptake in land surface models also working on global scale. This PhD project is aimed to investigate the effect of root water uptake on water exchange between land surface and atmosphere. It consists of the continued monitoring of the rhizotron facilities in Selhausen, which was already started in Phase II of the TR32, and the implementation and validation of a compensatory root water uptake approach (Couvreur et al. 2012) in the Community Land Model (CLM).
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Creator(s):Author: Mirjam Zörner
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Measurement Region:Ellebach
Measurement Location:Selhausen
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Report Date:9th of September, 2016
Report Type:PhD Report
Report City:Jülich
Report Institution:Forschungszentrum Jülich IBG-3
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