Reconstruction quality of SIP parameters in multi-frequency complex resistivity imaging

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Title:Main Title: Reconstruction quality of SIP parameters in multi-frequency complex resistivity imaging
Description:Abstract: Complex resistivity (CR) imaging provides information about the subsurface distribution of the electrical conduction and polarization properties. Spectral induced polarization (SIP) refers to the frequency dependence of these CR values, and SIP signatures are commonly analyzed by performing a Cole-Cole (CC) model fit or a Debye decomposition (DD), yielding in particular chargeability and relaxation time values. Given the close relation of these parameters with petrophysical properties of relevance in various hydrogeological and environmental applications, it is crucial to understand how well they can be reconstructed from multi-frequency CR imaging with subsequent CC or DD analysis. In this work we investigate, in a series of numerical simulations, the recon- struction behavior of main SIP parameters across a 2D CR imaging plane by considering a local anomalous polarizable body at different depths. The different anomaly positions correspond to different cumulated sensitivity (coverage) values, which we find to be a simple and computationally inexpensive proxy for resolution. Our results show that, for single-frequency measurements, the reconstruction quality of resistivity and phase decreases strongly with decreasing cumulated sensitivity. A similar dependence is found for the recovery of CC and DD chargeabilities from multi-frequency imaging results, while the reconstruction of the CC exponent shows a non-uniform dependence over the examined sensitivity range. In contrast, the CC and DD relaxation times are relatively well recovered over a broad sensitivity range. Our results suggest that a quantitative interpretation of petrophysical properties derived from CC or DD relaxation times is possible in an imaging framework, while any parameter estimate derived from CC or DD chargeabilities must be used with caution. These findings are of outermost importance for the successful quantitative application of SIP imaging for improved subsurface characterization, as is of growing interest particularly in the fields of hydrogeophysics and biogeophysics.
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Creators:Maximilian Weigand (Author), Adrian Flores-Orozco (Author), Andreas Kemna (Author)
Publisher:European Association of Geoscientists & Engineers
Publication Year:2016
TR32 Topic:Other
Related Subproject:B6
Subjects:Keywords: Geophysics, SIP, Imaging
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Publication Type:Article
Source:Near Surface Geophysics
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