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Citation:Bolten, Andreas; Hoffmeister, Dirk; Willmes, Christian; Bubenzer, Olaf; Bareth, Georg (2010): Adapting the Data Management Concept of the CRC/TR 32 'SVA-Patterns' to CRC 806 'Our Way to Europe'. Geographisches Institut der Universität zu Köln - Kölner Geographische Arbeiten. DOI: 10.5880/TR32DB.KGA90.3
Title(s):Main Title: Adapting the Data Management Concept of the CRC/TR 32 'SVA-Patterns' to CRC 806 'Our Way to Europe'
Description(s):Abstract: The data management concept of the CRC/TR 32 'SVA-Patterns' (Curdt et al. 2008, 2010) offers a perfect tool to store and manage the data of an interdisciplinary research project. The focus here is on data management of soil (S), vegetation (V) and atmosphere (A) data for SVA-modelling purpose for a distinct watershed, the Rur-Catchment in Western Germany. The presented paper reflects the possibility and the adapting steps to transfer the concept to another interdisciplinary project. However, the technical transfer of the framework of the database is evident but the system needs to be adapted to the requirements of the benefit project. The Collaborative Research Centre (CRC) 806 'Our Way to Europe' performs a totally different investigation question and area, to capture the major intercontinental and transcontinental events of dispersal of modern man from Africa to central Europe. Therefore, other data formats and data amount occurs and other demands on the data management system are made. The paper identifies three spheres of action to adapt the concept to the CRC 806. (i) The integration of external databases to afford both, the transfer of data to other data management systems and to provide an interface to allow requests of external databases. (ii) The visualization of 3D-data in a web mapping application. (iii) The possibility for external and internal users to use geoprocessing tools to perform analysis based on the geodata in a web mapping application.
Series Information: Proceedings of the Data Management Workshop, 29-30 October 2009, University of Cologne, Germany, Kölner Geographische Arbeiten, 90, pp. 7-11
Contributor(s):Editor: Curdt, Constanze, University of Cologne
Editor: Bareth, Georg, University of Cologne
Data Manager: Transregional Collaborative Research Centre 32, Meteorological Institute, University of Bonn
Hosting Institution: University of Cologne, Regional Computing Centre (RRZK)
Subject(s):CRC/TR32 Keywords: Data Management, Web Mapping, Web Application, Visualization, Metadata
Related Identifier(s):Is Part Of: ISBN: 0454-1294
Resource Type:Text/Workshop paper
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Licence:Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
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Contact:Constanze Curdt

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