[656] - Soil heterogeneity at the field scale: a challenge for precision crop protection

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Pätzold, S., Mertens, F. M. ., Bornemann, L., Koleczek, B., Franke, J., Feilhauer, H., Welp, G., 2008. Soil heterogeneity at the field scale: a challenge for precision crop protection. Precision Agriculture, 9, 367 - 390. DOI: 10.1007/s11119-008-9077-x.
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Title(s):Main Title: Soil heterogeneity at the field scale: a challenge for precision crop protection
Description(s):Abstract: Crop protection seldom takes into account soil heterogeneity at the field scale. Yet, variable site characteristics affect the incidence of pests as well as the efficacy and fate of pesticides in soil. This article reviews crucial starting points for incorporating soil information into precision crop protection (PCP). At present, the lack of adequate field maps is a major drawback. Conventional soil analyses are too expensive to capture soil heterogeneity at the field scale with the required spatial resolution. Therefore, we discuss alternative procedures exemplified by our own results concerning (i) minimally and noninvasive sensor techniques for the estimation of soil properties, (ii) the evidence of soil heterogeneity with respect to PCP, and (iii) current possibilities for incorporation of high resolution soil information into crop protection decisions. Soil organic carbon (SOC) and soil texture are extremely interesting for PCP. Their determination with minimally invasive techniques requires the sampling of soils, because the sensors must be used in the laboratory. However, this technique delivers precise information at low cost. We accurately determined SOC in the near-infrared. In the mid-infrared, texture and lime content were also exactly quantified. Non-invasive sensors require less effort. The airborne HyMap sensor was suitable for the detection of variability in SOC at high resolution, thus promising further progress regarding SOC data acquisition from bare soil. The apparent electrical conductivity as measured by an EM38 sensor was shown to be a suitable proxy for soil texture and layering. A survey of arable fields near Bonn (Germany) revealed widespread within-field heterogeneity of texture-related ECa, SOC and other characteristics. Maps of herbicide sorption and application rate were derived from sensor data, showing that optimal herbicide dosage is strongly governed by soil variability. A phytoassay with isoproturon confirmed the reliability of spatially varied herbicide application rates. Mapping areas with an enhanced leaching risk within fields allows them to be kept free of pesticides with related regulatory restrictions. We conclude that the use of information on soil heterogeneity within the concept of PCP is beneficial, both economically and ecologically.
Identifier(s):DOI: 10.1007/s11119-008-9077-x
Responsible Party
Creator(s):Author: Stefan Pätzold
Author: Franz Michael Mertens
Author: Ludger Bornemann
Author: Britta Koleczek
Author: Jonas Franke
Author: Hannes Feilhauer
Author: Gerd Welp
TR32 Topic:Soil
Subject(s):CRC/TR32 Keywords: Pesticide, Herbicide, SOC, NIR Spectroscopy, MIR Spectroscopy, Map, Hyperspectral Sensor
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Article Type:Journal
Source:Precision Agriculture
Number Of Pages:24
Page Range:367 - 390
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