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Monday, March 16th 2015
08:30Coffee & Cookies
09:00Welcome Address
Uwe Rascher, Plant Sciences (IBG-2), Research Centre Juelich, Germany
Georg Bareth, University of Cologne, Germany
09:15Quality Assurance of Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data
Derek Lichti, University of Calgary, Canada
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10:00Non-Destructive 3D Vegetation Monitoring with Hyperspectral LiDAR
Sanna Kaasalainen, Finnish Geodetic Institute, Finland
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10:45POSTERS & Coffee
11:303D Topographic Models: Fusion of ALS with Topographic Maps
Sander Oude Elberink, University of Twente, ITC, Netherlands
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12:15LiDAR Point Cloud Information and Web Infrastructure for 3D Vegetation Analysis
Bernhard Höfle, University of Heidelberg, Germany
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13:00POSTERS & Snacks
14:30ALS-Bathymetry in Archaeology
Michael Doneus, University of Vienna, Austria
15:15Laser Scanning from Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) for Characterisation of Vegetation Structure
Arko Lucieer, University of Tasmania, Australia
16:00POSTERS & Coffee
17:00MLS and Mobile 3D Imaging for High-Precision Rail Infrastructure Management
Stephan Nebiker, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
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17:45Mobile Laser Scanning, Robotics and Applications: Towards Integrated Road and City Monitoring
François Goulette, MINES ParisTech, PSL Research University, France
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18:30Get-Together-Party: POSTERS, Icebreaker & savoury snacks