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Thursday, November 18th 2010
12:00Coffee & Sandwiches
12:30Welcome address
Georg Bareth, University of Cologne, Institute of Geography
12:40Remote Sensing Trends and Tasks of ISPRS WG VII/5
Qiming Zhou, Hong Kong Baptist University, China
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13:00Perspectives on Satellite - based Hyperspectral Sensing
Andrew K Skidmore,ITC, The Netherlands
download dataset
13:45Synergistic Usage of Optical and SAR Data
Gunter Menz, University of Bonn, Germany
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14:30POSTERS & Coffee
16:00Potentials of Low-Cost UAVs
G. Bareth, A. Bolten, Univ. of Cologne, Germany
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16:30Close Range Sensing for Generating 3D Objects in Archaeolog
Gerd-Christian Weniger, Neanderthal Museum
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17:00Sensor and Data Fusion Technologies in Archaeology
Jay K Johnson, University of Mississippi, USA
17:30LIDAR Remote Sensing for Archaeology Applications
Nicola Masini, Italian Research Council, Italy
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18:00POSTERS, Icebreaker & Buffet
Friday, November 19th 2010
09:30Using TerraSAR - X for Agricultural Applications
Wolfgang Koppe, Infoterra GmbH, Friedrichshafen, Germany
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10:00Airborne Optical Methods for Crop Sensing
Uwe Rascher , Research Center Jülich, Germany
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10:30Close Range Sensing in Crop Production
Miao Yuxin, China Agricultural University, China
11:00An Object - level Change Detection Algorithm based - scale Segmentation
Haigang Sui, LIESMARS, China
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11:30POSTERS & Coffee
12:30Remote Sensing Applications in Hydrology
Jean - Francois Cretaux, LEGOS, France
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13:00Data Assimilation for Numerical Weather Prediction
Stefano Migliorini, University of Reading, UK
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13:30Remote Sensing Data Assimilation for Land - Atmosphere Modelling
Paul Houser, George Mason University, USA
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14:00Final Discussion & Closing, Buffet & POSTERS