[1744] - EMI data_collected from Krauthausen field

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Wang, H., 2018. EMI data_collected from Krauthausen field. CRC/TR32 Database (TR32DB). Accessed from http://www.tr32db.uni-koeln.de/data.php?dataID=1744 at 2019-01-21.
Title(s):Main Title: EMI data_collected from Krauthausen field
Description(s):Abstract: The study region is near the TERENO (TERrestrial ENvironmental Observatories) site Selhausen, and spans across a rectangular area with the southwest corner at (50º51’43”N 6º23’18”E) and the northeast corner at (50º53’02”N 6º27’10”E). The climate is characterized by an average annual precipitation of 715 mm and a mean annual temperature of 10.2 °C. All soils are developed in Quaternary sediments. EMI measurements were performed on this field. This field is selected because of different spatial patterns visible in satellite images, and its accessibility (i.e., no crops in the field) at the time when the measurements were conducted.
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Creator(s):Resource Provider: Hui Wang
Publisher:CRC/TR32 Database (TR32DB)
TR32 Topic:Soil
Related Sub-project(s):B9
Subject(s):CRC/TR32 Keywords: EMI
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Date(s):Date Submitted: 2018-05-23
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Measurement Region:Ellebach
Measurement Location:Krauthausen
Specific Informations - Data
Temporal Extent:2017/09/13 - 2017/09/14
Lineage:Measurements of apparent electrical conductivity (ECa) were performed using the CMD-MiniExplorer and the CMD-SpecialEdition (GFinstruments, Brno, Czech Republic). The MiniExplorer (ME) consists of three receiver coils separated by 32, 71 and 118 cm from the transmitter coil, whereas the SpecialEdition (SE) has six coil configurations with separation distances of 35, 49, 71, 97, 135, 180 cm from the transmitter coil to the receiver coils. The ME is set at the vertical coplanar (VCP) mode resulting in a theoretical depth of exploration (DOE) of 0.25, 0.5 and 0.9 m, and SE is set at the horizontal coplanar (HCP) mode with a theoretical DOE of 0.5, 0.7, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.7 m. In this way, a total number of 9 configurations of coils are used. Differential global positioning system (DGPS) modules are mounted on each EMI sledge that were pulled by an all-terrain vehicle. Coordinates and corresponding ECa-values are recorded with a frequency of 5Hz with a dragging speed of approximately 7.0 km/h. The observed ECa-data were then calibrated using electrical resistivity tomography inversion at selected transections by implementing the linear regression approach as described in Lavoué et al. (2010) and von Hebel et al. (2014).
1. Instrument:CMD-MiniExplorer [CMD-MiniExplorer]
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