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[1500] - Sensitivity of IP Surface Measurements to Subsurface Anisotropy

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Kenkel, J., Kemna, A., 2015. Sensitivity of IP Surface Measurements to Subsurface Anisotropy. DGG, March 23 - 26, 2015, Hannover. Accessed from at 2018-06-22.
Title(s):Main Title: Sensitivity of IP Surface Measurements to Subsurface Anisotropy
Description(s):Abstract: Induced polarisation (IP) data recorded at the field scale are usually interpreted using techniques based on isotropic electrical properties, despite the common occurrence of anisotropy in the subsurface. We propose an anisotropic IP inversion algorithm to overcome this limitation. Our approach is based on the established code CRTomo, which supports the inversion of isotropic complex conductivities (magnitude and phase angle) from 2D frequency-domain IP data. In order to extend the algorithm for the support of anisotropic complex conductivities, we modified the underlying forward modelling and sensitivity implementations. The anisotropic complex sensitivities form the basis of the overall inversion results, because they determine the iterative model updates. In previous studies, we presented typical anisotropic complex sensitivity patterns and stated the possibility to resolve anisotropic complex conductivities even from surface measurements. The proposition was based upon the existence of non-vanishing patterns in for all regarded anisotropic complex sensitivties. However, mostly equal sensitivity patterns with respect to, e.g., x and y conductivity, which we observed, suggests that these conductivities cannot be resolved separately. We address the question of resolution with regard to anisotropic complex conductivities by presenting sensitivities with respect to anisotropy ratios. They are computed from the previously used anisotropic complex conductivities by applying the standard chain rule. Because of complex calculus, multiple possible derivations are of interest. We focus on the anisotropic sensitivity with respect to a horizontal-vertical anisotropy ratio, which we present as variation in measured voltage magnitude or phase angle due to a variation in the anisotropy ratio magntitude or phase angle, respectively. We present corresponding synthetic anisotropic inversion results to reflect the possible resolution for anisotropic complex conductivities.
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Creator(s):Author: Johannes Kenkel
Author: Andreas Kemna
Publisher:CRC/TR32 Database (TR32DB)
TR32 Topic:Soil
Related Sub-project(s):A3
Subject(s):CRC/TR32 Keywords: EIT
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Measurement Region:Kall
Measurement Location:Rollesbroich
Specific Informations - Presentation
Presenter:J. Kenkel
Presentation Date:2015-03-23
Presentation Type:Poster
Event Name:DGG
Event Location:Hannover
Event Period:23rd of March, 2015 - 26th of March, 2015
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