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Citation:Cayoglu, Ugur; Shcherbakov, Denis; Tristram, Frank (2016): Research Data Management within the E-Science Strategy in Baden-Württemberg - Preliminary Results of Project bwFDM-Communities. Geographisches Institut der Universität zu Köln - Kölner Geographische Arbeiten. DOI: 10.5880/TR32DB.KGA96.2
Title(s):Main Title: Research Data Management within the E-Science Strategy in Baden-Württemberg - Preliminary Results of Project bwFDM-Communities
Description(s):Abstract: The federal state of Baden-Württemberg wants to offer scientists the best conditions for research. Against the backdrop of the ever-increasing importance of data and information the bwFDM-Communities project is tasked to develop recommendations that shall enable scientists in our federal state to process and use data without barriers. In order to achieve this objective, we engage an active dialogue with all university research groups in Baden-Württemberg (~3000). Next to identifying and advertising best-practice solutions, this project is supposed to gather information on how federal IT support needs to be expanded in order to meet the increasing demands of future research. As this is an ongoing project there may be further results in time, but some early conclusions can be drawn: Scientists want clear-cut requirements and responsibilities for data management and are willing to share their data if there is a proper appreciation model for data publication. Additionally, a lot of scientists complain about too strict law regulations regarding copyright and need better information about available RDM support, partners and opportunities. Final conclusions and recommendations can only be given in the further course of the project, but we are confident that our final recommendations will help the scientists in Baden-Württemberg.
Series Information: Proceedings of the 2nd Data Management Workshop, 28.-29.11.2014, University of Cologne, Germany, Kölner Geographische Arbeiten, 96, pp. 1-6
Contributor(s):Editor: Curdt, Constanze, University of Cologne
Editor: Willmes, Christian, University of Cologne
Data Manager: Transregional Collaborative Research Centre 32, Meteorological Institute, University of Bonn
Hosting Institution: University of Cologne, Regional Computing Centre (RRZK)
Distributor: unknown, unknown
Subject(s):CRC/TR32 Keywords: Data Management, Research Data
Date(s):Issued: 2016-12-29
Related Identifier(s):Is Part Of: ISBN: 0454-1294
Resource Type:Text/Workshop paper
Size(s):6 Pages
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Licence:Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)
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Contact:Tanja Kramm

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